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Hertford Film Club - bringing the best of international cinema to your doorstep since 2008


Hertford Film Club was founded in early 2008 with the aim of screening exciting, thought-provoking films in Hertford. These might be features, documentary, or programmes of short films. We are interested in promoting the very best of independent cinema for the benefit of the many local people who share our passion, and also to support those talented filmmakers whose work is not distributed to the big cinema chains. We are not primarily interested in showing Hollywood blockbusters which can seen at the nearest multiplex, but we try to take on board our supporters' suggestions and bring them the films they want to see. Our mission is to fill a gap in the already vibrant cultural life of our town, which we have identified through listening to the opinions of local residents.

Thanks to the relationships we've built up with film distributors, we are able to bring you the best of international cinema at no cost. And uniquely (as far as we know), we can present the films well ahead of their UK DVD release dates.

If you're thinking a putting on a film, or organising any film-based community event in the Hertford area, why not contact us? We'd be happy to help with publicity or equipment if we can.

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